I. Get some ETH (or BTC)

(can be purchased at an exchange using a currency of your choice, e.g. Bitfinex). 


II. Install MetaMask and create an ETH account

(or attach an existing account).(https://metamask.io/




Using our integration with Bancor - ETH only

To find out how to use your Bancor integration to easily trade ETH for SAN in a single transaction, please check out this article.

Using an exchange of your choice

lists a lot of different exchanges SAN tokens are traded on.

SAN is available at the regular centralized Bitfinex echange for ETH, BTC, and USD/USDT, but our team has had positive experiences with using their more decentralized alternative https://trustless.ethfinex.com/

Please refer to the documentation of your chosen exchange for more details.
In case you used this approach, you can jump straight to the last bullet point.

IV. Transfer the SAN to the Metamask account you created in Step II

In case you used a centralized exchange to buy your SAN tokens, you need to withdraw them to your account you use with MetaMask. This step is already taken care of in case you used the Bancor integration to buy your SAN tokens.


What to do now?

Now just be logged in to Metamask with that account selected when you visit SANbase and log in by MetaMask. We’ll detect the SAN you’re holding and grant you access to more data, based on the amount of tokens you hold.  

Please note: We currently have an older copy of this article up on our forums, where some additional options and comments can be found.

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