For a video breakdown of Transaction Volume and Token Velocity, click here.

This graph shows the aggregate amount of tokens across all transactions that happened on the network on a certain date. We currently offer Transaction Volume for BTC, ETH (including all ERC20 tokens) and EOS.

A spike in transaction volume either signals:

  1. large amount of tokens moving, or
  2. large number of transactions

While not as strong of a price indicator as some other metrics in our suite, Transaction Volume can still be used for thorough mid-term analysis, or in tandem with other indicators.

Here’s the trx volume graph for Basic Attention Token (BAT), a decentralized ad network:

The per-day graph is still a bit noisy, so let’s smooth it out with a 7-day moving average (done with 1 click in SANgraphs):

As you can see, the correlation between price and trx volume can both be evident and strenuous at different times.

That said, the metric remains a strong complementary signal in any serious trading analysis.

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