These graphs show the relative social volumes for a set of crypto assets. The social dominance is measured across 3 different social channels:

  1. Private trader chats hidden from Google search
  2. Telegram groups
  3. Discord groups

Simply put, whichever token/project commands the most space on the graph is the most talked-about asset at the time:

Per the above graph, almost 70% of social chatter on October 15th 2018 revolved around Bitcoin (the massive orange area at the bottom of the graph).

However, only two days later, the discussion has moved on:

Bitcoin’s ‘social share’ plunged to just 30%, with another project - Stellar (the blue area near the top) - quickly stealing the spotlight.

That’s how Relative Social Dominance can help you spot the community’s hottest ‘talking points’ - and where the conversation is headed next.

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