Neuro by Santiment is a comprehensive cryptocurrency API which utilizes GraphQL for flexibility and function. It can be accessed in several ways, including:

  • Via your programming language of choice using its built-in graphql client.
  • Directly via the command line using the 'curl' command
  • If you’re used to Python, our 'Sanpy' wrapper is ideal for quick data access in only a few lines of code. You can also find implementation examples for R, Ruby, Elixir and other programming languages in this repository (with more examples added in the future).

You can also give Neuro a try using our web-based API explorer, which features a complete schema search engine nested in the upper right corner.

For detailed explanations of all API-accessible metrics, check out our API knowledge base.

Please note that you can gain access to additional metrics, more historical data and higher rate limits by purchasing one of our Paid API plans. If you’re interested in expanding Neuro’s capabilities, you can upgrade your existing plan through your Account page at any time. 

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