You will find several navigation options at the top of the SANbase page:

In this article we will go through them one by one and supply you with links to more information.


When you first open up SANbase, you will start on the 'Sonar' overview page. 

To find out more about this overview, please check this article.


'All Assets' - this links to the All Assets overview
'ERC 20' - this shows Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens only
'Top 50 ERC20' - this shows the 50 most prominent ERC20 projects we track
'Stablecoins' - a curated list of assets that are supposed to have a fixed value
'US-Based Projects' - a curated list of blockchain projects based in the USA
'Decentralized Exchanges' - a curated list of decentralized exchanges and their utility tokens
'Centralized Exchanges' - a curated list of regular exchanges and their utility tokens

Each list functions similar to the 'All Assets' list mentioned above. To find out more about 'Watchlists' mentioned on the right side, please check out this article.


Insights can be created straight from the Sonar page, as well as from the Assets-pages, when switching over from Marketcap in the upper left:

To find more about Insights in general, please check out this article.


This holds our most recent findings and experiments:

'Social Trends' - Lets you search for specific terms and see how widely they are used in different crypto-relevant communication platforms, such as Telegram, plotted against the price of an asset of your choice. Find out more here.
'ETH Spent'
- this special overview shows a graph of Ethereum and a list of ERC20 projects, which held an ICO, and their spendings.
'Historical balance' - Enter any Ethereum address and see the change of balance over time
'Word context' - Search for any word and see a word cloud with the most related terms, find out more about it here.
'Dashboard' - This section currently links to 'SANgraphs', formerly "SANbase Dashboards", where we host new cutting-edge metrics that are not yet available on SANbase.


The search can be used to find any token that is known to our database, e.g. our SAN token:

You can search for the name or the ticker of a token.


'Documentation' - this link will lead you to the knowledge base you are using right now
'Developer API' - this will lead you to our current API documentation
'Support' - click here to send us an email. Please also note the chat icon in the lower right corner of any of our pages, which you can use to quickly get in contact with our support team

Account and settings

'tokens available' - How many SAN tokens are associated with your account. Check this article on how to stake SAN tokens or this article on what to use them for.
'Night Mode'
- Switch the color scheme of the page to a darker one
'Beta Mode'
- This switch enables new (but possibly not fully tested) functionality on SANbase. Feel free to look but be aware its beta!
'Account settings'
- This section includes your account settings such as email address, account name, etc. You can find more information here.
'Log out' - Logs you out of SANbase


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