The 'All Assets' overview contains all tokens we track across different blockchains. These are first sorted by market cap.

By sorting on other table columns, you might be able to spot high-level, general trends. For instance, by sorting on Daily Active Addresses, or Dev Activity, a pattern could emerge that is worth investigating. Just click on a column's title to sort by this column. Click again to reverse the order.


Here's a description of each column:

'PRICE' - The current token price.
'PRICE +/-' - The relative price change over the last 24 hours
'VOLUME' - The total trading volume of the asset over the last 24 hours, converted to USD
'VOLUME +/-' - This works like 'PRICE +/-', but for trading volume
'MARKET CAP' - The current market cap of the asset
'ETH SPENT (30D)' - How much ETH was transferred out of the team/ICO wallet during the last 30 days (only applies to ETH-based or ICO projects)
'DEV ACTIVITY (30D)' - An indicator of how productive the project's team is on Github; we've custom-developed our own metric and share our approach in this Medium article. This metric is also available on SANgraphs and has its own article here.
'DAILY ACTIVE ADDRESSES (30D)' - The amount of active addresses within the last 24 hours. This metric is also available on SANgraphs and has its own article here.


Use Cases

Here are the sorts of things you might learn just by looking at the Assets table and doing some basic sorting.

  • What projects are trending for dev activity
  • Are there spikes in daily active addresses for certain tokens
  • is crypto in general going through a price spike or fall (most or all assets in the red or green)
  • is there a weird ETH spent spike for a particular asset

And so on. These are just a few ideas. With time and practice, you'll learn to see things in this table that will clue you in to interesting market movements.

More things you can do with Assets

The Assets table is also a springboard to dive deeper into individual projects. You can click each asset to drill down.

You can also make your own custom Watch Lists, to track assets you're interested in or see pre-made lists like Top 50 ERC20 tokens, US-Based projects, DEXs, etc by moving your mouse over 'Assets' in the top navigation.

To find out more about Categories and Watchlists, please check out this article.

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