This article is about the 'Social Trends' search feature. For more information on our 'Emerging Social trends' lists on our Sonar page, please have a look at this article.

Using the Social Trends feature you can display the amount of times your search term is mentioned in a specific medium (e.g. Telegram). You will be supplied with a graph showing the amount of mentions at each data point, plotted agains the price of either BTC or ETH in USD:

One graph will be displayed for the total mentions, as well as one for each data source. 'AND', 'OR' (as well as parentheses) can be used to logically combine multiple search terms. Please refer to this blog post for a more detailed description on how to use these terms.

Word Cloud

In case you only searched for a single search term, you will find a word cloud above the graphs. This is created by displaying other words which are often used in combination with your search term; bigger words were mentioned more often. The word clouds uses the combined messages of all above data sources. This functionality can also be found under 'Labs' -> 'Word context' and is described in this article.

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