There are several use cases for our SAN token; some have already been implemented, others are in active development. Let’s cover the most important ones below:

Discount Token 

Since August 2019, we have officially ended our beta phase and transitioned over to having FIAT subscription plans for access. You can read more about the announcement here

In view of this, SAN tokens can now be used as a discount to offset the price plans. 

For example, token holders will get 20% off all our API price plans.

Token Curation

Speaking of utility cases that are currently in development, the SAN token will also become the backbone of Santiment's future curation market, its community and internal economy. 

We have already begun incentivising some members of our ’SAN Clan’ (community leaders) to share their insights and custom market analysis (all powered by Santiment’s data) by giving away small amounts of SAN. 

Staked SAN tokens and those received as reward by Santiment or its community members will also be used for weighted voting within the Santiment community.

We envision a 'mana'-like resource that is derived from the amount of tokens a user has staked, but replenishes over time and can be used to participate in our emerging curation market.

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