This article mentions one of several metrics we offer regarding exchange deposit addresses. Please check this article for an introduction on deposit addresses and the complete list of metrics offered.

Daily active deposits (DAD) shows the number of unique deposit addresses that have been active on a particular day.

As an example, let’s look at the DAD metric for REP, Augur’s native coin. REP’s price is in green, while Daily Active Deposits are colored blue.

The first thing we can see is a more-less stable DAD spread over the past 6 month. On average, 43 deposit addresses were active on the Augur network each day.

Compared to other ERC-20 tokens, that’s not a bad tally. For example, over the same time period, SONM recorded an average of 10 DAD, while SNT (Status) had 27, despite it being one of the most actively developed ERC-20 projects.

In contrast, OMG – one of the most active tokens on the Ethereum network – boasts an average of 110 DAD.

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