'Top Holders' describes a set of up to 100 Ethereum addresses which have the highest balances at a given time, either in Ether or in a specific ERC-20 token. The amount of addresses can be reduced, but 100 is the maximum. So one could analyse the 20 top holders for BAT, as well as the 100 top holders for ETH.

Top Holders metrics are calculated daily.

The top holder metrics can be found under 'ETH Top Holders' for Ether (ETH) itself. To find top holder information about a specific ERC-20 token, look for 'Overview. All ERC-20 tokens', which will lead you to a list of all ERC-20 tokens Santiment is currently including in its calculations. Find the needed token and select 'Open Dashboard' in the very last column, which should be named 'Top Holders'.

As all top holder metrics are shown in the same overview, they share a set of options:

'Currency' - lets you switch the price from being displayed in USD to BTC
'HoldersCount' - sets the amount of top holders to include, maximum is 100
'Hide "remains" status in details' - refers only to the fourth metric listed below and hides specific table rows. See its article for more information
'Balance in USD' - display the top holders balances in amount of tokens or converted to USD

Our current metrics for top holders:

  1. Top Holders - Balance - article link
  2. Top Holders - Percent of Total Supply - article link
  3. Top Holders - Changes - article link
  4. Top Holders - Details - article link

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