This article mentions one of several metrics we offer regarding top holders addresses. Please check this article for an introduction on 'Top Holders' and the complete list of metrics offered.

The last part of our Top Holders metrics is the Details table. It shows detailed data for the top holders for the selected period, sorted by date (the current day compared to the previous day). 

The status column specifies whether the address either (was)

  1. added 
  2. removed 
  3. remained unchanged 

from that particular spot in the top holders list on the given day. Select Hide "remains" status in details to toggle on showing the remains status, which will make it easier to see the full list of top holders accounts for a particular day.

Along with the rank among the top holders, the table shows balance (the balance of that particular account, in amount of tokens or USD) and % of total (the share of the total token supply this specific top holders address holds) - both for the day listed and the previous one.

In case you are having trouble finding specific data points in this potentially very long list, please consider reducing the time frame - either by using the options in the upper right corner of the screen or by selecting a time frame straight in the graph by clicking and dragging your mouse. The Details list will only show data from the selected time frame.

Clicking any top holders address will lead you to its details on

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