When you visit SANgraphs at https://data.santiment.net, you will be lead to the following page, which gives you two login options:

Logging in with email address and password

In case you have been supplied with a separate set of login credentials for SANgraphs, e.g. through our free trial at https://santiment.net/dashboards, you can use these credentials to log into SANgraphs, just like on any other website.

Logging in through SANbase

The regular way to gain access to SANgraphs is by holding a certain amounts of SAN tokens, currently 200 SAN are needed. These tokens have to be registered in your SANbase account. Please refer to this article on how to stake SAN. In case you do not own any SAN yet, this article might help.

As soon as you are logged into SANbase and see the proper amount of SAN tokens displayed in your account settings, you can return to the SANgraphs login page and hit 'Sign in with Sanbase (requires 200 SAN)'. Welcome to SANgraphs!

Feel free to check out the other articles on how to get started with SANgraphs here.

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