This article is about the On-chain metrics overview for specific ERC-20 tokens, which can be found through 'The ERC-20 overview page'. It will list the current metrics that are part of this overview and link to their respective knowledge base article, where available.
Please note that 'Top Holders' metrics, albeit being on-chain in nature, are not part of this overview and have their own one, which can be found through the ERC-20 overview page mentioned above.


ERC-20 on-chain metrics in this overview

The metrics are split into several categories as shown in the screenshot:

Clicking one of these categories will expand it to show the included metrics. Clicking it again will collapse it into the shown state.

Address Activity

Token Consumption


Exchange Flow

Deposits - article link


  • Daily Active Withdrawals
  • Share of Daily Active Withdrawals in DAA
  • Withdrawals' Volume
  • Withdrawals' Transactions
  • Share of Withdrawals' Transactions in Total Transactions

Top Transactions

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