Fetch the number of newly created addresses for a project within a given time period. Projects are referred to by a unique identifier (slug).

This metric is calculated daily, so the interval should be selected accordingly.

Grouping by interval works by taking the mean of all newly added addresses in the interval. The default value of the interval is 1 day, which yields the exact number of new addresses for each day.

Run in explorer

  networkGrowth(from: "2019-05-09T11:25:04.894Z", interval: "1d", slug: "ethereum", to: "2019-06-23T11:25:04.894Z") {

Run in terminal

curl \
  -X POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data '{ "query": "query{networkGrowth(from:\"2019-05-09T11:25:04.894Z\",interval:\"1d\",slug:\"ethereum\",to:\"2019-06-23T11:25:04.894Z\"){newAddresses,datetime}}" }' \
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